This week’s developing winter storm is bringing notable temperature declines (10°F to 30°F below average) over the Plains and Midwest. Over the next few days, the coldest conditions are expected to move east and south across the U.S. The southern Plains will be slightly below average during this time before seeing a warming trend after the weekend. The weather is a cause for concern in western Kansas because of drought: Lack of snowcover leaves winter wheat vulnerable to damage from the cold.

Kansas is forecast to produce about 16 percent of 2022/23 winter wheat (based on plantings), with most acreage in the western half of the state where drought is currently rated extreme to exceptional. As of Dec. 4, 32 percent of Kansas winter wheat was noted as in poor to very poor condition vs. 12 percent of the crop a year ago, while 22 percent was rate good to excellent vs. 58 percent last year.

CPC calculated soil moisture anomaly as of Dec. 15

Source: NOAA
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