Cocoa & Chocolate

Chocolate is a tricky and demanding market—and we love it! From climate and political unrest in cocoa’s limited production regions to the impact of global currencies on bean supply, chocolate purchasing involves more than futures market knowledge. We know the nuances and quirks, and for years our expertise has helped clients find excellent buying opportunities, while our understanding of timing in supporting markets—sugar, for example—are crucial in driving cost savings.

Beyond pricing, we know chocolate: its different standards of identity among major consuming countries as well as the physical properties of the many chocolate products on the market. An energy bar manufacturer has to consider not just the taste of their chocolate coating, but how to keep it stable when the consumer pulls it out after a couple hours on the trails. We help clients find the right product match and achieve more cost-effective formulas without sacrificing quality.


  • Cocoa powder: red, black, dutch, organic
  • Cocoa butter: bulk, cocoa butter equivalents
  • Chocolate: liquid, nibs, chips
  • Certified products: UTZ, Rainforest, Fairtrade, etc.


McKeany-Flavell regularly researches and authors industry reports for clients.
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