April net corn cost up 20% from March

Corn basis: Basis bids around Decatur, IL were considerably higher during the April reconciliation period, compared to March 2023 and April 2022. Corn gluten meal and feed: Corn gluten meal and feed prices continue to decline, both seasonally and year over year. April CG [...]

Sugar futures continue bullish tear

With the dollar index near its recent one-year lows and crude oil only now slipping from five-month highs, world and domestic sugar futures continued to see accelerated price growth through April. The trade seems focused on the possibility of a tighter market on lower [...]

Soybean oil breaks below 50 cents

Soybean oil prices continued to drift lower over last week, breaking below 50 cents per pound on Q4 2023 and 2024 futures for the first time in nearly two years. Since late November, spot soybean oil prices have fallen 25 cents per pound. Some [...]

Steep price gains for corn products

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Producer Price Indexes for industry track several corn wet milling–specific price trends, including starch, corn sweeteners, and wet milling coproducts. These PPIs are in line with price directions we have noted—that is to say, up up up. Looking at [...]

Corn prices fall sharply to the end of the week

Corn prices were under pressure this week, with the Jul-23 contract dropping 20 cents. The Dec-23 futures contract closed last week, down 9 cents —the lowest since late July 2022. Confidence seems to be growing that Brazil will hold onto their current corn crop [...]

Lower corn pricing offsets decline in coproduct credit

Basis bids around Decatur, IL during the March reconciliation period were up from January and February and up from basis bids in March 2022. Corn gluten meal and feed prices are trending down. CG feed fell down both from February and from a year [...]

U.S. food inflation 0.4% in February

USDA reported the February food Consumer Price Index (CPI) up 0.4 percent from January and up 9.5 percent YOY. The price index rose 0.6 percent for food away from home and half that for food at home. Among the component indexes, eggs saw a [...]

Decline in FAO Food Price Index

FAO’s world Food Price Index, adjusted for inflation, fell 0.6 percent in February and was down 9.7 percent YOY; this marks the 11th straight month of falling prices in FAO’s reporting. The cereal index fell for a fourth straight month in February. Wheat strengthened [...]

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