McKeany-Flavell Hot Commodity Podcast

Tune in to McKeany-Flavell's Hot Commodity Podcast Series! If you want to become more familiar with the world of commodities and empower yourself with market knowledge, the Hot Commodity podcast has what you’re looking for. Join us as we discuss fundamental and technical factors [...]

Soy complex under pressure this week

Environmental and economic factors have continued to affect the soybean market. May-23 soybeans fell from their peak to close the week at about $0.70 above year-ago values, and soybean oil futures continued their multi-week slide. NOPA soybean crush was 165.4 million bushels in February, [...]

EPA policy may reduce soybean oil demand

Soybeans are an important and widespread oilseed crop in the U.S., due, in part, to soybean byproducts. Soybean meal serves as feedstock for livestock and soybean oil can be converted into biodiesel and renewable diesel. Biodiesel and renewable diesel differ in their refining process, [...]

2023 Spring Market Seminar: Action, drama, & the thrill of commodities!

On Wednesday, April 26, 2023, McKeany-Flavell is hosting our annual Spring Market Seminar! This yearly seminar has been illuminating the world of commodity markets since 2015. Join us as we uncover the motivations behind market developments in corn and corn wet milling, sugar, edible [...]

China looks forward to 2023/24 grain production

China is working at being self-sufficient in major grains and agricultural products during the spring planting season. China would very much like to increase the output of soybeans and edible oils to reduce its dependency on imports of these commodities. Local authorities have been [...]

Corn market trading sideways

Futures activity Mar-23 corn futures closed Friday at $6.8050, very close to the week’s open at $6.79; weekly volatility was relatively tame, with a $0.10 per bushel high/low spread. The same could be said for Dec-23 corn, which closed at $5.96 per bushel. S&D [...]

FAO Food Price Index down again in January

FAO Food Price Index (FPI) fell for the tenth-straight month in January as each subindex clocked a monthly drop from December prices. The composite FPI fell 2.5 percent from December and was down 4.9 percent from January 2022. Monthly declines for the subindexes ranged [...]

Soybean oil at six-month lows

Futures activity Spot soybean oil futures broke 60 cents per pound for the first time since July 2022, closing last Friday at 59.06 cents. S&D and fundamental factors A USDA attaché pegs Argentina’s 2022/23 soybean crop at 36 MMT, down nearly 20 percent from [...]

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