ICCO releases 2022/23 S&D forecast

The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) released its latest cocoa statistics in late February. Comments note concerns over the macroeconomic picture around the world and slowing demand. Versus 2021/22, ICCO sees total 2022/23 world cocoa output growing 4 percent, not a bad recovery after recent [...]

2023 Spring Market Seminar: Action, drama, & the thrill of commodities!

On Wednesday, April 26, 2023, McKeany-Flavell is hosting our annual Spring Market Seminar! This yearly seminar has been illuminating the world of commodity markets since 2015. Join us as we uncover the motivations behind market developments in corn and corn wet milling, sugar, edible [...]

May-23 cocoa futures hit fresh highs

May-23 NY cocoa continued its rally this Tuesday to a fresh contract high of $2,782 after testing psychological resistance around $2,800 before falling slightly Wednesday. The market seems concerned over a sudden drop in West African bean arrivals, with some reports now suggesting that [...]

FDA to allow qualified health label claim for cocoa

Exciting news for cocoa lovers! The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently announced a qualified health claim for cocoa flavanols in high-flavanol cocoa powder. In response to a health claim petition submitted on behalf of Barry Callebaut AG Switzerland, requesting that the FDA [...]

Cocoa grinds shrink at the start of 2022/23 season

Although many eyes are watching West African weather, the grind announcements from major reporting regions have had greater impact. If an analyst spends too much time on crops, weather, and other factors on the supply side, they can miss equally important factors on the [...]

Malaysian cocoa grind disappoints in Q4 2022

A few weeks into the new year, the market is eagerly anticipating Q4 2022 grind results from the major reporting regions. Perhaps serving as a harbinger, the first news on this front came from Malaysia, where total cocoa beans ground during Q54 fell to [...]

Harmattan conditions seen across West Africa

The dry season, or harmattan, is in full swing across West Africa, affecting three of the world’s largest producing countries: Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria. The harmattan is a southernly shift of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) below the main cocoa-growing regions. This pattern [...]

Ivory Coast cocoa arrivals surge 7% in December

After a disappointing start to the season in October and November that saw cocoa bean arrivals down double digits, strong December arrivals have allowed the total volume to not just catch up but surpass last year’s pace. In a reversal of fortunes, season-to-date arrivals [...]

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