Corn slowly falls in early September

Sep-23 futures traded narrowly during the week of Sep. 4. The contract began the short week with a modest 6.2-cent gain on Tuesday, Sep. 5, to build on the turnaround that appeared on Friday, Sep. 1. On Sep. 6, nearby futures managed to close [...]

Record use of soybean oil for biofuel in May

EIA reported that biodiesel and renewable diesel producers used 1.14 billion pounds of soybean oil in May, the first time that monthly biofuel consumption of soybean oil has surpassed 1 billion pounds. Renewable diesel accounted for 478 million pounds, or 42 percent, of soybean [...]

Ethanol production hits 21-month high

Average daily ethanol production was 1.094 million barrels during the week ending Jul. 21, marking five consecutive weeks of year-over-year growth and putting production at the highest weekly level since late October 2021.  Cumulative 2022/23 corn use for ethanol was around 4.68 billion bushels, [...]

Injections robust as rig counts continue to drop

Summer temperatures arrived early in June across Texas, from the interior to the Gulf Coast, seeing the mercury reaches nearly 120°F.  Despite the early arrival of max summer-like conditions across portions of the southern interior, temperatures have been milder from the Great Lakes moving [...]

Indian sugarcane & biofuel sectors still evolving rapidly

As we have frequently discussed, India’s Modi government has continued to support cane ethanol manufacturing and fuel use as a tool to increase energy independence, protect currency reserves, and even putatively contribute to environmental targets. As a result of an ethanol blending mandate and [...]

Renewable diesel supply expected to rise in 2023

U.S. capacity for renewable diesel production rose to 2.134 billion gallons during Aug-Oct 2022, up 45 percent from capacity at the beginning of the year. This has affected the demand for soybean oil, the primary feedstock for renewable diesel. In the 2022/23 marketing period, [...]

Production of ethanol expected to increase

Months earlier, fuel prices skyrocketed due to a somewhat artificial scarcity in supply caused by the Russia-Ukraine war. In response to that, EPA provided relief by allowing the ethanol component in gasoline to be more than the usual 10 percent, and we saw E15 [...]

Diversification of feedstock increases as demand for biodiesel rises

As the conversation of sustainability goes global, the use of renewable and sustainable materials for household necessities and daily operations has graduated from being a nice-to-have to a need-to-have. Energy sectors across the world especially reflect this, with many countries looking at sustainable fuel [...]

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