Canada is projecting new-crop canola plantings at 21.3 million acres, down 7 percent from 2018/19 and the lowest level in three years. The industry had expected some reduction, but it was a bit more extensive than expectations. Many growers are shifting acreage to wheat—spring wheat acreage is anticipated to be near an 18-year high—especially on small- to medium-sized farms.

Canada and China have not resolved their trade dispute, and China has still blocked canola imports from two major Canadian processors. Canada typically exports half its canola crop, with China taking around 40 percent of that volume, and growers cited uncertainty about the Chinese market in their decision to switch acreage.

Canada’s canola crush in March was down 12 percent from a year ago. COPA reported crush at 722,433 MT, the lowest volume for the month in recent years. Canola meal production, at 402,932 MT, was down 11 percent YOY, while canola oil production fell 15 percent, to 312,282 MT.

Monthly Canadian canola oil production

Source: COPA
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