This year’s cultivated blueberry crop is expected to be average to above average. Unlike the tart cherry crop that was hit hard due to an early freeze, the blueberry crop was not impacted.

Harvest should start in the next few weeks, and overall production should be around 670 to 690 million pounds and should create a balanced market. The key growing areas of Oregon, Washington, Michigan, and Georgia have all had decent growing conditions.

USDA reports production of cultivated blueberries totaled a record 673 million pounds in 2019, up over 20 percent from 2017 and 2018, when poor growing conditions knocked volumes down from the growth trend seen during the previous ten years. Of 2019’s crop, about 373 million pounds were destined for the fresh market and 300 million for processing.

U.S. blueberry production history

Source: USDA
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