Diversification of feedstock increases as demand for biodiesel rises

As the conversation of sustainability goes global, the use of renewable and sustainable materials for household necessities and daily operations has graduated from being a nice-to-have to a need-to-have. Energy sectors across the world [...]

Stocks of NFDM weigh on futures

Manufacturer stocks of human-grade, low-heat nonfat dry milk (NFDM) stand at 247 million lbs, their highest level since 2018. Earlier this year, demand destruction caused by rapidly rising prices and competition from more competitively [...]

Soybean oil decouples from complex under RFS pressure

Futures activity Jan-23 soybean meal futures closed at $424.10 per short ton on Friday, up $12.40 for the week. Jan-23 soybean oil futures fell precipitously last week, starting at $0.7312 per pound Monday and [...]

Soybean exports to China continue despite COVID lockdowns

Starting from the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, China has had a zero-COVID policy with the aim of totally eradicating the virus from the country, thus protecting Chinese citizens. During that same period, [...]

Mexico early sugar production below trend

Through week seven of Mexico’s 2022/23 sugarcane campaign, sugar production was running behind last season and the five-year average. Crush to date is down 27 percent YOY. Early figures of sugar production, with just [...]

National herd climbs while dairy stocks in cold storage fall

The shortened Thanksgiving holiday week brought mostly good news for buyers of dairy products. USDA’s November milk production report showed total heifers in the U.S. rising to a 12-month high of 9418 million head. [...]

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