USDA raised its 2020/21 corn yield estimate to 181.8 bushels per acre (bpa), up 3.3 bpa from July’s forecast, which was already calling for a record high. This new yield forecast boosted new-crop production by 278 million bushels to 15.278 billion bushels, a new record, as well.

The 2020/21 yield and production estimates did not account for the recent derecho storm’s extensive damage, but private estimates suggest some 50 million to 200 million bushels may have been lost. A more accurate assessment is pending.

Corn exports for the current season and next season were both adjusted higher in the August WASDE. Exports for 2019/20 were raised by 20 million bushels to 1.795 billion bushels, and 2020/21 exports were set at 2.225 billion bushels, up 75 million bushels from the July estimate.

USDA also increased its 2020/21 feed demand by 75 million bushels to 5.925 billion bushels. Corn used for ethanol was left unchanged despite some speculation that it is overstated.

U.S. corn production & yield by season

Source: USDA
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