The biotechnology industry is budding with many world-changing concepts and ready-for-market products. Several California-based companies working in this space discussed their objectives and perspectives at the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC Next), hosted by Biofuels Digest in San Francisco last week.

Alan Shaw, CEO of Calysta, impressed on audience members. According to Shaw, the goal of biotechnology innovation is large market acceptance. Calysta is one of several companies in the fish and animal feed space who ferment greenhouse gasses into protein.

A second interesting speaker was Eric McAfee, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Aemetis. McAfee grew up on a farm, so it only makes sense that his company is using roots and wood from California nut orchards as a biofuel fermentation feedstock. Aemetis has recently garnered recognition for creating high-value product from low-cost inputs.

Another intriguing company at ABLC Next was Provivi, which is working to establish natural pheromones as a feasible solution for pest control. Their non-toxic technology works by covering crops with pest pheromones that disrupt reproduction and reduces or eliminates pest populations.

Each company listed above is progressive in terms of environmental impact. Calysta’s protein is reducing greenhouse gas levels uses zero agricultural land. Aemetis is upcycling tree waste rather than allowing it to burn in orchards. Finally, Provivi’s pest control method avoids the potential contamination risks of traditional pesticides.

Graphic of Provivi technology, or “eHarmony upside down”

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