Wednesday, April 17, 2024 | 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. | Le Méridien Chicago – Oakbrook Center

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If it seems that commodity markets and ingredient purchasing strategies are being pushed in a new and exciting direction, it’s because they are. Movers and shakers—new solutions in the quest for efficiency and innovation—are changing the commodity landscape.

Opportunity dances with those on the dance floor.

As ingredient buyers, you’re used to harnessing powerful forces that challenge your role in procurement. And 2024 looks no different as we see a variety of influences poised to move markets and create new challenges. McKeany-Flavell’s role is to help you transform those challenges into opportunities.

Experience this year’s Spring Market Seminar as we lead you through how these movers and shakers will impact the world of commodity ingredient procurement.

The movers and shakers.

Technology & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: From better crop output to higher processing yields to ever improving logistical efficiency, technology leads the innovation change wave. We will look at how farming systems in South America are adapting new drought-tolerance technology to boost wheat yields, how sugarcane growers are utilizing technology such as GPS, variable-rate fertilizer application, remote sensing, and drones for monitoring crops and yield, and how biotechnology is shaping the future of corn wet milling.

With significant pressure building to increase crop production and maximize yields, we’ll also take a sneak-peek into the future and discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) could be a real change agent in the food and beverage industry. With innovations in “smart farming” such as soil and yield analysis, autonomous fertilization, data-driven insights on pest control, demand analysis technologies, production efficiencies, and advanced processing systems, AI is set to have a positive impact on pricing strategies for buyers.

Sustainability: One of the most important topics between corporations and consumers, sustainability is driving initiatives surrounding packaging, land use, and logistics. We will cover its influence on renewable diesel and green energy, regenerative agriculture, zero carbon plans for processing facilities, and empathy for the impact of climate change on feedstocks.


Join our 2024 Spring Market Seminar for a one-day market intensive and prepare yourself to dance with opportunity!

Le Méridien Chicago – Oakbrook Center
2100 Spring Road, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 | 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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What to expect at McKeany-Flavell’s 2024 Spring Market Seminar

Presentation Categories

SpringMarketSeminar2024_CornwetmillingCORN WET MILLING: While corn wet millers continue to pursue the ideal grind balance between starch, dexrtose, HFCS, glucose, and 95DE, sustainability is also at the forefront of the industry strategy. Moves to invest in regenerative farming, develop bio-based solutions, and create carbon-zero programs to reduce fuel consumption, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions all support wet milling’s role in the future of agriculture – and wet mill products’ ever-expanding place in the ingredients and industrial sectors.


COCOA: The cocoa industry has seen an evolution in the use of satellite imagery, long-range weather modeling, and climate change forecasting, all of which provide a better handle on supply. The increasing availability of affordable technology tools along with improvements in forest management, sapling rejuvenation, and social justice factors have pushed the cocoa industry even further towards the vision of efficiency in production and arrivals and a balanced pricing structure.

SpringMarketSeminar2024_SugarSUGAR: Sugar producers and users already had to navigate a market impacted by farm bill negotiations, suspension, agreements with Mexico, and stubborn market prices. Now, in the face of land competition and consumer pressure, the industry must modernize production practices in the field and factory. We are seeing the implementation of precision agriculture techniques and automated production processes leading to higher yields, uniform quality, increased plant utilization, and stabilization of prices while reducing water, chemical, and energy inputs.

SpringMarketSeminar2024_ManagedMoneyMANAGED MONEY: Managed money trading not only carries immense influence over market prices but also lives and breathes in the circuitry of technology. Traders use computerized systematic algorithms, machine learning, and artifiical intelligene to carve out returns with high-speed speculative transactions. As intimidating as it sounds, knowing how to harness this shaker offers robust benefits to procurement professionals through the study and implementation of risk modeling, trade timing, and performance analysis, not to mention market liquidity.


SpringMarketSeminar2024_WheatWHEAT: Anyone who grwos wheat or uses wheat products knows the sector has witnessed years of drought, poor crops, and price volatility. This relentless market has in fact driven technological advancements: The development of drought-resistant varieties, automated fertigation systems, and weed killing drones are just a few examples. Not stopping there, wheat farmers are also ushering in regenerative agriculture programs designed to balance production with nature while improving quality, yields and availability.


EDIBLE OILS: Edible oil manufacturers today work in a market radically changes by technological advancements in biofuels, especially renewable diesel. Oil processors seek to fill the ravenous demand from fuel producers while still providing ingredients to the food industry from a fragmented global vegetable oil market. The industry relies more and more on innovations in soil analysis, geo-targeting favorable growing regions, and predictive weather analysis, which will become even more vital in managing global crush, stabilizing prices, and balancing the market sector participants and prices.

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