Tools to give you an edge on corn pricing

McKeany-Flavell market analysts work tirelessly to help clients navigate the intricacies of buying or hedging corn and gauging how the corn market will affect products such as starch, glucose and dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, ethanol, and other corn derivatives. But did you [...]

NOPA March crush above average estimate

March soybean crush was above analysts’ expectations: At 185.8 million bushels, soybean crush was the highest for the month in five years. NOPA processors crushed 20.3 million more bushels than in February and 4.1 million bushels more than in March 2022. The average of [...]

Corn prices fall sharply to the end of the week

Corn prices were under pressure this week, with the Jul-23 contract dropping 20 cents. The Dec-23 futures contract closed last week, down 9 cents —the lowest since late July 2022. Confidence seems to be growing that Brazil will hold onto their current corn crop [...]

Western European cocoa grind surprises to the upside

Western Europe was the first of the big three reporting regions to publish its Q1 2023 cocoa bean grind use on Apr. 13. The market had been anticipating negative results after the drop of 1.7 percent YOY in Q4 2022. However, the actual numbers [...]

2021/22 & 2022/23 orange production cut by over 1 million boxes

USDA made a series of changes to citrus production estimates for this season and last season in its April Citrus report. The bigger change for 2022/23 oranges was a cut of 1.00 million boxes in the California forecast (non-Valencia). A drop of 200,000 boxes [...]

#11 sugar futures continued to rise in early April

Following March’s sideways trading below 21.50 cents, nearby May-23 #11 world raw sugar settled at a fresh high of 23.61 in early April. Support formed near 23.15, 22.85, 22.65, 22.40, and 22.00. Most-active Jul-23 #11 broke past resistance around 21.00 and 21.50 cents, rallying [...]

Global soybean market dynamics support futures

May-23 soybean futures closed at a high last week while Nov-23 soybean futures closed lower. May-23 soybean oil was down by less than 1 cent for the week. Brazil is said to have already sold 66 MMT of their record soybean harvest, the main [...]

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