Small bump in dairy herd at start of 2023

USDA reveals an unexpected increase in national and state dairy herd numbers kicking off 2023. After 2022 ended on two months of decline, the market was prepared for another modest round of culling and further declines in the herd ahead of the latest milk [...]

Corn exports not hitting necessary pace

USDA did not adjust 2022/23 corn exports in the February WASDE, contrary to expectations of market watchers tracking the weekly shipment progress. Weekly exports still lag the average level needed to hit the target, however, so we may see a reduction in the March [...]

More clean-label starches imported in 2022

The U.S. imported a record volume of starch last year, with most categories showing notable year-over-year growth. Higher demand for imported starch underlines the call for non-GMO starches that can satisfy clean labeling requirements. Potato starch imports were up 1 percent from 2021, which [...]

May-23 cocoa futures hit fresh highs

May-23 NY cocoa continued its rally this Tuesday to a fresh contract high of $2,782 after testing psychological resistance around $2,800 before falling slightly Wednesday. The market seems concerned over a sudden drop in West African bean arrivals, with some reports now suggesting that [...]

China looks forward to 2023/24 grain production

China is working at being self-sufficient in major grains and agricultural products during the spring planting season. China would very much like to increase the output of soybeans and edible oils to reduce its dependency on imports of these commodities. Local authorities have been [...]

Updated U.S. long-term agricultural projections

USDA has released its agricultural projections to 2032! These baseline projections provide insight into the landscape of agricultural commodities and trade for the next ten years. The U.S. agricultural sector has been influenced by global economic and market circumstances such as inflation, supply chain [...]

Mexico sugar prices weaker, production still down YOY

Through the week of Feb. 4, the 19th week of Mexico’s 2022/23 sugar campaign, cumulative cane harvest area was reported up 3.8 percent YOY. Due to poor cane yield (tonnage), however, total cane crush is still down 6.5 percent YOY, and with the sugar [...]

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