Cow numbers down in January report

Reports in January presented milking herd numbers at the close of 2022. Although milk yield showed a slight improvement with a seasonal upswing to nearly 65 pounds of milk per cow per day, the national herd fell by 8,000 head from the previous month. [...]

Corn market holds firm

Futures activity Mar-23 futures saw pressure early last week that took the contract to $6.66 per bushel, but prices appreciated by close of Thursday back above $6.80 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors Ethanol production was relatively flat the week ending Jan. 20, at [...]

Increase in price of eggs due to shortage in supply

Eggs can be an important source of vitamins, minerals, iron, and carotenoids, being a great food that provides the human body with these essentials for healthy living. The new year began with a huge disappointment for egg fans, however. Eggs have been in limited [...]

Indian sugarcane & biofuel sectors still evolving rapidly

As we have frequently discussed, India’s Modi government has continued to support cane ethanol manufacturing and fuel use as a tool to increase energy independence, protect currency reserves, and even putatively contribute to environmental targets. As a result of an ethanol blending mandate and [...]

Corn exports stalled over the holidays

U.S. corn export sales totaled 575,000 MT (22.6 million bushels) between Dec. 23 and Jan. 5, the slowest pace of contracting for this time of year since 2012/13. Shipments over the two-week holiday period fared a little better thanks to stronger exports during the [...]

Cocoa grinds shrink at the start of 2022/23 season

Although many eyes are watching West African weather, the grind announcements from major reporting regions have had greater impact. If an analyst spends too much time on crops, weather, and other factors on the supply side, they can miss equally important factors on the [...]

Soy complex pressured by improved weather

Futures activity Spot soybean oil fell to just under 62 cents per pound Friday, hitting six-month lows. S&D and fundamental factors The Rosario Exchange cut Argentina’s soybean crop all the way to 37 MMT—well below USDA’s estimate of 45.5 MMT in the January WASDE. [...]

Soybean export volumes to China increase

Soybean exports for the week of Jan. 5 picked up by 9.6 percent from the previous week, putting accumulated shipments at 29.7 MMT (1 billion bushels). Weekly net export sales, on the other hand, slowed to 717,415 MT. Outstanding sales were down to 14.7 [...]

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