Dryness persists in Argentina & southern Brazil

As summer progresses in South America, hot and dry conditions in southern Brazil and in Argentina are challenging for corn and soybean crops, and significant moisture relief is not expected beyond early January. In the week ending Dec. 23, Argentina saw mostly dry conditions, [...]

Signs of weakness creeping into dairy market

After prices rallied sharply in November, the dairy market seemed dominated by bullish buyers and tight heifer supply. However, when the market is leaning so hard in one direction, with brokers/distributors only seeing dollar signs, it may be a time to pause, reflect, and [...]

India sugar production up 6% YOY, 2021/22 ethanol blend rate of 10%

Through mid-December, ISMA reports all India cumulative sugar production near 7.79 MMT, up 6 percent YOY and up nearly 25 percent from the five-year average. About a quarter of India’s crop is typically harvested in the first three months of the crop year, mostly [...]

Soybean futures push higher

Futures activity Soybean futures have been rallying each day since Dec. 13, moving up nearly $1.00 per bushel over that period. Jan-22 futures closed last week at $13.32 per bushel, the highest since August 2021. S&D and fundamental factors Chinese purchases of U.S. soybeans [...]

Grain silos lose tops in devastating tornadoes

The recent series of tornadoes across the Midwest damaged some agricultural infrastructure, including barns, grain silos, livestock facilities, and machine sheds. In Iowa, reported damage to grain silos occurred mostly near the top of the structures, per the Des Moines Register. Since most silos [...]

WTO finding against India sugar subsidies; sugar futures update

A WTO panel has ruled that Indian sugar export subsidies from 2014/15 through 2018/19 were in violation of various world trade agreements. India has already announced an appeal, which would effectively halt any other proceedings such as determinations of compensatory measures. Appointments to the [...]

Coffee prices are boiling!

Early this month, continuous nearby ICE coffee futures reached a ten-year high of $2.5020 per pound, still below the 2011 $3.00-plus record. Costly freight prices led coffee growers in Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia to default on prior sales commitments and instead hold back their [...]

Corn market begins pre-holiday wind-down

Futures activity Corn futures ended last week a bit stronger than they began with the Mar-22 contract closing at $5.93 per bushel, about 1.5 percent higher than Monday’s settle. S&D and fundamental factors U.S. exports were reported on the stronger side of things last [...]

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