Brazil center-south sugar production down over 12% YOY

Sugarcane crush in Brazil’s center-south was down nearly 10 percent YOY from April, the start of the campaign, through mid-October. Cumulative sugar output is down 12.5 percent YOY at 30.3 MMT. The sugar share of cane crush for the season to date is 46 [...]

Corn harvest speeds along, soybean pace a bit slower

As of Oct. 24, two-thirds of the U.S. corn crop had been harvested, up 14 points from the previous week and up 13 points from the five-year average for the week. While a one-week, 14-point gain in corn harvest progress is not unusual, it [...]

Mexico’s HFCS imports down as shutdown impact lingers

In early 2020, before the pandemic upended things, Mexico seemed to be on track to import usual volumes of high fructose corn syrup, at least of refined-sugar-substitute HFCS-55, used mainly in soft drinks. The U.S. had already abandoned earlier (circa 2012) hopes of robust [...]

Dairy prices advance as U.S. herd recedes

Key industry reports released this past week provided additional fuel to bulls in dairy, bolstering prices. Domestically, the milk production report surprised many with a significant reduction to last month’s August estimate of herd and a further decrease for the current month. In total, [...]

CNDSCA forecasts Mexico crop up at 6.12 MMT

The first official crop forecast for Mexico’s 2021/22 crop shows production at 6.116 MMT, up from estimated 2020/21 production of 5.715 MMT (USDA). This 2021/22 forecast is also up from the recent USDA forecast of 5.940 MMT. Favorable weather conditions to date had been [...]

CBD pricing steady month on month

As of Oct. 21, average U.S. CBD isolate pricing was steady month on month, remaining 3 percent below prices seen in early August and 13 percent below the calendar-year high in January. To better understand public health issues around CBD and other cannabinoids, FDA [...]

Forewarned is forearmed…with Halloween candy!

Pent-up Halloween spirit (and spirits?) may elevate candy purchasing this month to a record $3 billion, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual spending survey. The CDC is cool with trick-or-treating this year (with the caveat, of course, to respect local regulations), and 66 [...]

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