Mexico continues to be great trade partner for U.S.

U.S. agricultural exports to Mexico grew over 32 percent from 2009 to 2018, per USDA. In 2018, Mexico was the top export destination for U.S. corn, dairy, poultry meat and eggs, sugar and sweeteners, distillers dried grains, and more. Additionally, the country is in [...]

Raisin production is falling despite last year’s gain

California raisin production increased 17 percent (in terms of handled volume) in 2018 from 2017’s small volume but was down 7-10 percent from more usual volumes of the past ten years. Natural seedless raisins, which account for most of the state’s raisin supply, totaled [...]

Foreign competition impacting corn exports

For the week ending Oct. 17, 2019/20 corn exports of 489,040 MT were up 12 percent from the week before. Yet cumulative exports, at roughly 3.1 MMT (123.1 million bushels), were down 63 percent YOY. Primary destinations were Mexico and Columbia. Net corn sales [...]

Fallout from USDA’s move out of Washington

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NAFA) and the Economic Research Service (ERS) have each lost between 50 and 75 percent of their staff since June 2019. That is when U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue announced these two USDA agencies would be [...]

Amendments to Sugar Suspension Agreements ordered vacated

In a ruling earlier this month, a Court of International Trade judge ordered that the 2017 amendments to the U.S.-Mexico Suspension Agreements be vacated. Based on findings of dumping of and unfair subsidies for Mexican exports of sugar in 2014, U.S. authorities set antidumping [...]

Cooler fall temps as dairy herd shows signs of recovery

Dairy data releases in the last two weeks included some encouraging signs of herd recovery and bearish stocks numbers. Last Monday’s USDA Milk Production Report showed a modest uptick in the 24-state cow number to 8,796,000 heifers. The total U.S. herd was about flat, [...]

AJC stocks rose in August despite import slowdown

The U.S. imported just 21.6 million single-strength-equivalent gallons of apple juice in August, an extremely low volume for the month. The five-year average for August is 41.5 million SSE gallons. Imports in August 2018, at 49.3 million SSE gallons, were higher than average due [...]

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