Four-week average daily ethanol production down 4 percent YOY

Average ethanol production last week was 1.03 million barrels per day, up 3 percent from the previous week but another week of year-over-year decline. Most-recent four-week average daily production was just over 1.0 million bpd. Earlier this month, USDA trimmed projected 2018/19 corn use [...]

Slowdown in corn oil production

Crude edible corn oil production in December—182.6 million pounds—was up 4 percent from November but down 7 percent from December 2017. Cumulative crude corn oil production totaled 2.1 billion pounds in 2018, down 10 percent from 2017. Processors used 202.9 million pounds of crude [...]

Noncommercials add to net short position on #11 world sugar

As of the week of Feb. 5, the most recent report available, total noncommercial positions shifted higher, to a three-week high, but remain near levels seen at the start of the crop year. Noncommercials added to both long and short positions in that week, [...]

Fonterra’s biweekly auction shows continued strength

Fonterra's Feb. 19 Global Dairy Trade auction for dairy products registered its sixth consecutive increase in prices across a broad range of products. Prices continue to trend higher after their early December reversal. Functional dairy protein exhibited strength with a 2.8 percent increase in skim milk powder [...]

Milk production still seeing modest gains despite continued herd declines

USDA’s Feb. 20 report on herd size and production by state showed overall production up 0.5 percent in Q4 compared to the same quarter last year. Herd size continues to decline as culling thinned the herd on both a national and twenty-three state basis. [...]

Food prices in most categories down year on year in January

Per FAO, the Food Price Index for January was down 2.2 percent year on year (YOY), marking the eighth consecutive month of YOY declines. January’s Oils Price Index saw a double-digit drop, down 19.6 percent YOY, while the Sugar Price Index was down 9.0 [...]

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Consumer Trends: How changes in consumer behavior impact the ingredients you buy Across the news, lifestyle magazines, and social media, every window we have into the wider world highlights a shift in our taste for what we eat and drink. We could well [...]

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