Rise in daily ethanol production despite low profit margins

Daily ethanol production averaged 1.06 million barrels during the first half of November, up from 1.02 million barrels per day during the first half of October and nearly the same as a year ago. Ethanol manufacturers seem to be maintaining production volumes despite eroding [...]

Food price indexes still trending lower

In the first half of 2018, the food price index saw monthly YOY averaging -0.3 percent. The decline in food prices has accelerated since, and the monthly YOY decline now averages -2.8 percent from January through October. The reduction has accelerated: down 1.5 percent [...]

Is Thanksgiving dinner more affordable in 2018?

Based on its survey of food prices, the American Farm Bureau Federation (FB) estimates that the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner for Americans will be about $48.90 this year. This cost is based on a meal to feed ten people, making the cost per [...]

Indian sugar 2018/19 crop update

With Brazil keeping its focus firmly on cane ethanol manufacturing, the market has been keeping an eye on India, which despite weather concerns is still the heir apparent as the top sugar producer in 2018/19. News of pest damage and prior dry conditions cutting [...]

Corn may still be king, but corn sweeteners remain under siege

Consumption of corn sweeteners per capita in 2017 fell 1.3 percent from 2016 consumption. This decline was caused by a more dramatic drop for high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) alone, which saw a YOY decline of 4.0 percent. Consumption of glucose corn syrup and [...]

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