Broiler hatches continue to rise year over year

Broiler chick hatches totaled 821.4 million in June, repeating May’s 2 percent year-over-year growth rate. There were 688.9 million broiler-type eggs in incubators as of July 1, up 2.5 percent from a year ago and pointing to July’s hatch being about 1 percent higher [...]

First decline for world food prices in 2018

FAO reported that its Food Price Index fell 2.4 points in June, the first dip since the start of 2018, attributed largely to growing trade conflicts. With both corn and wheat weaker, the Cereal Index fell 6.4 points in June. The Vegetable Oil Index [...]

Higher apple juice concentrate pricing dents recent imports

The U.S. imported 40.4 million single-strength-equivalent gallons of apple juice in May, down 18 percent from May 2017. Average concentrate pricing spiked in May to over $7.00 per gallon, the highest level in two years. AJC pricing has been on the rise for most [...]

Bananas under threat of extinction

We don’t miss things until they’re gone. The once exotic banana, for example, is not as trendy as those hip super-nutrient-packed berries making headlines, and relatively few entrepreneurs are rushing to put bananas in ciders and craft beers. Last time we checked, there was [...]

Asian cocoa bean grind still growing—North American grind retreats

North America’s Q2 2018 grind was reported at 119,301 MT by NCA, down 3.1 percent from Q2 2017 grind and the lowest Q2 grind since 2012. This Q2 decline surpassed market expectations, which ran closer to the 1.3 percent and 1.1 percent declines shown [...]

Cattle on feed still up 4 percent as summer begins

U.S. cattle on feed totaled 11.3 million head as of July 1, reflecting the month-over-month decline expected for this time of year but up 4 percent year over year. The U.S. herd was counted at 41.9 million head as of the beginning of the [...]

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