Trade & the wider picture for commodity futures

With trade uncertainties mounting, benchmark grain futures have lost ground this month: August soybeans down nearly 15 percent, September wheat down more than 6 percent, and September corn down just shy of 10 percent. Unsurprisingly, soft commodities overall have trended lower. Crude oil, however, [...]

More South African lemons for juice

South Africa is increasing plantings of many citrus varieties, including oranges, lemons, and soft citrus (clementines, mandarins, satsumas)—lemons and soft citrus tree plantings are growing especially quickly. Lemon bearing trees and production are up 12 percent and 49 percent, respectively, over two years, while [...]

Cumulative 2017/18 U.S. sugar imports mixed

Total U.S. sugar imports from October through May are up just 0.8 percent year on year. This small change is deceptive, however, as there are more radical variations within individual import categories. Though USDA forecasts imports from Mexico will rise by 5.6 percent in [...]

April extends steep drop in crude corn oil exports

The U.S. exported just 9,200 MT of corn oil in April, down 80 percent from April 2017. Both crude and refined oils were down sharply, with crude export volume at just under 7,000 MT and refined volume just over 2,200 MT, down 81 percent [...]

Ivory Coast & Ghana: Nascent cocoa cartel?

As chocolate users know, one key fact makes the cocoa market particularly volatile: Over 70 percent of the world’s cocoa is grown in a single region of the world, West Africa. And with the decline of production in Indonesia, some 60 percent of all [...]

Time to pick those blueberries!

The second week of June saw the start of blueberry harvesting in the Willamette Valley of southern Oregon. Due to a rather mild winter, those in the know expect strong volumes for the upcoming crop year. Harvest will continue through September. Washington and Oregon [...]

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