Hazelnuts: Beyond Nutella

The company Ferrero consumes about 25 percent of global hazelnut production in Nutella alone, according to the Italian Trade Agency in 2015, so you can be forgiven for mainly associating this nut with that sweet chocolate spread, or with the same confectioner’s Ferrero Rocher [...]

Heatwave hits Mexico citrus, row crops

Multiple states in Mexico have seen some of the highest temperatures in decades in recent months. The Ag Ministry has stated that oranges may have been among the most affected crops, as the heat has stressed trees and reduced harvest volumes. Official figures for [...]

Argentina might delay the removal of the soybean export tax

President Mauricio Macri promised during his campaign that he would get rid of all agricultural export taxes. As he took office, he did eliminate the corn and wheat export taxes while presenting a plan to phase out the soybean export tax. The new plan [...]

A new old tool in the battle against citrus psyllids

In a University of Florida research project, kaolin clay was shown to perform better than foliar insecticides against psyllids. The clay, which changes a leaf’s reflectance, may confuse the insects and prevent them from identifying sprayed leaves as a food source. It also physically [...]

Lack of exports, tepid demand keep lid on FCOJ movement

As of May 12, cumulative 2017/18 FCOJ movement was 187.0 million pounds solids (ps), down 23 percent from 2016/17 to date. Most-recent four-week domestic bulk movement was 24 percent lower than last year, and retail movement was down by 4 percent. Given this season’s [...]

Cane sugar origins increasing fuel ethanol production

Major cane sugar producing countries are moving to make domestic ethanol manufacturing a reality. Brazil will unsurprisingly retain its spot as the top cane ethanol producer, and swings in the ethanol share of its cane crush are a major influence on the global supply [...]

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