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A new old tool in the battle against citrus psyllids

By |May 25, 2018|Categories: Fruit & Fruit Concentrates|Tags: , , , , |

In a University of Florida research project, kaolin clay was shown to perform better than foliar insecticides against psyllids. The clay, which changes a [...]

Lack of exports, tepid demand keep lid on FCOJ movement

By |May 25, 2018|Categories: Fruit & Fruit Concentrates|Tags: , , |

As of May 12, cumulative 2017/18 FCOJ movement was 187.0 million pounds solids (ps), down 23 percent from 2016/17 to date. Most-recent four-week domestic [...]

Cane sugar origins increasing fuel ethanol production

By |May 24, 2018|Categories: Ethanol, Sugar|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Major cane sugar producing countries are moving to make domestic ethanol manufacturing a reality. Brazil will unsurprisingly retain its spot as the top cane [...]