Chinese rapeseed meal imports double

As trade tension between the U.S. and China worsens, China seems to be finding different products to substitute for U.S. soybeans. Total imports of Canadian rapeseed meal during March were 107,719 metric tons (MT), 122 percent above the same month last year. Imports of [...]

It’s a wrap! Our spring market seminar is in the books!

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s seminar and for your contribution to making it our best event yet! Special thanks to our amazing information team and to guest speakers Jeff Rasinski, Phil Plourd, Joe Gardella, and Susanna Jung. What, you couldn’t attend [...]

European cocoa grind beats expectations

European grind for Q1 2018 was 358,432 MT, up 1.5 percent from the previous quarter and 5.5 percent higher than Q1 2017 grind. Meanwhile, Q1 grind reported for Asian manufacturers was 190,244 MT, down 3.2 percent from Q4 2017’s volume but up an impressive [...]

EU ban announced on a third of Brazilian meat imports

The European Union banned imports from 20 Brazilian meat plants previously listed as approved suppliers. A European Commission statement reported the ban was prompted by “deficiencies detected in the Brazilian official control system.” The companies affected ship about a third of all meat exports, [...]

Brazil ends 2017/18 center-south campaign

Brazil’s center-south crush reached 596.3 million metric tons (MMT) of cane from April 2017 through March 2018, down by nearly 2 percent from crush for its 2016/17 campaign. Usage of that cane for sugar manufacturing was slightly higher in the last season, 46.5 percent [...]

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