U.S. fruit growers brace for tariffs on exports to China

A number of U.S. specialty crops, including apples and cherries, are on China’s list of proposed retaliatory tariffs. Although Mexico is by far the top destination for fresh U.S. apples, China is an important market due to its expansion potential. The Washington apple industry [...]

Sugar beet area planting intentions lower for 2018/19

Based on survey results, USDA is forecasting prospective plantings of sugar beets for the next crop at 1.113 million acres, down 1.6 percent from the last crop’s 1.131 million acres. Though major producer states Michigan and Minnesota saw modestly higher prospective plantings, up 1.7 [...]

Corn & soybean stocks higher, new-crop acreage lower than expectations

USDA’s initial plantings forecast puts 2018/19 corn plantings at 88.0 million acres, compared to average trade expectations of 89.5 million acres, and soybean plantings at 89.0 million acres versus 90.9 million widely expected in the market. Corn and soybean futures settled strongly higher as [...]

Spring Market Seminar 2018: Limited space—register soon!

Gaining an early glimpse into elements that will impact commodities will help you make more informed and effective decisions. Join us for our fourth annual Spring Market Seminar: Forecasting the Future and let McKeany-Flavell’s experts show you more than a peek at which factors [...]

Strong ethanol share of cane in Brazil’s center-south campaign

In the first half of March, the center-south ethanol share was 83.5 percent of cane use; the cumulative ethanol share for the season that started last April now stands at 53.3 percent. The continued strength of the ethanol share ahead of the start of [...]

Large inventories + low prices = less acreage?

As we learned in Economics class, when supply gets burdensome, prices fall to disincentivize production. Lower production then increases prices, bringing the market back to equilibrium. The U.S. and South America have held burdensome corn and soybeans supplies during the last five years, leading [...]

Keep an eye on crude oil’s impact on freight costs

You may remember when freight rail costs went crazy back in 2014 due to the sharp increase in domestic U.S. crude oil production. As we reported back then: “U.S. crude oil production has surged since 2012, when fracking and other new drilling technologies opened [...]

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