Strong Ivorian arrivals continue for 2018/19 midcrop

Reports suggest that bean arrivals at Ivorian ports remain strong, averaging somewhere between 30,000 MT and 35,000 MT of beans per week despite mixed weather seen earlier in some growing regions. Based on these reports, total arrivals from October through May are variously estimated [...]

Corn futures market flexes amid wild planting season

This past Wednesday, the Jul-19 corn futures contract pushed to a three-year high before showing resistance around $4.38. The market rally began on May 13, when futures opened at a 2019 low of $3.35 and have only declined in two trading days since. In [...]

Livestock and poultry populations up over 2 percent YOY

There were nearly 12.0 million head of cattle on feed as of Apr. 1, up 2 percent year over year and a recent record. March’s cold, wet weather in parts of the Plains and Midwest contributed to the higher number. May-Aug numbers should decline [...]

Brazil’s corn exports held steady in December

Brazil exported 4.0 million metric tons (MMT) of corn in December, up just slightly from November and from December 2017. Sep-Dec exports totaled 14.6 MMT, down 21 percent from Sep-Dec 2017. In December, USDA projected Brazil would export 29.0 MMT of corn during 2018/19, [...]

EU’s sugar beet crop faces difficult weather & low sugar prices

The original euphoria following the liberalization of the European Union’s sweetener market was met with a cold splash of reality: record world sugar output in 2017/18, with 2018/19 forecast near that, yielding a combined surplus of more than 21 million metric tons of sugar. [...]

Heatwave hits Mexico citrus, row crops

Multiple states in Mexico have seen some of the highest temperatures in decades in recent months. The Ag Ministry has stated that oranges may have been among the most affected crops, as the heat has stressed trees and reduced harvest volumes. Official figures for [...]

Brazil’s corn production might be lower than expected

Analysts are starting to fear that dry weather might once again affect the “safrinha” (second) corn crop in Brazil, which represents approximately 70 percent of total production. The season started with dry weather, and forecasts do not call for significant rain in the near [...]