U.S. AJC imports rebounded in November

With import/export volumes being reported again, we now know that the U.S. imported over 5.5 million gallons of 70˚ Brix apple juice concentrate in November, up more than 15 percent from the small volumes imported in September and October but still below levels seen [...]

USDA maintains soybean S&D despite trade uncertainty

USDA left the domestic soybean balance sheet practically unchanged in this week’s crop report, perhaps due to uncertainty over U.S.-China trade relations. After the G20 meeting, the U.S. and Chinese presidents were eager to signal that the trade war could be resolved. Both agreed [...]

Brazilian farmers rush to plant soybeans

As China buys virtually all Brazil’s soybeans, farmers are rushing to plant the 2018/19 crop. Planting pace is ahead of usual at 29 percent planted as of Oct. 1, compared to 16 percent a year prior. A crop planted earlier is usually harvested earlier, [...]

Could ethanol production slow?

The market appears to be getting accustomed to ethanol production setting records month after month. In fact, ethanol production for the month of August was up 4.5 percent from output last year. Strong margins have encouraged production due to cheap corn and rising energy [...]

Canada’s July canola crush set record for the month

COPA reports that over 838,000 MT of canola oilseed were crushed in July, up 12 percent from July 2017. The crush volume was a record for July and near the all-time record of 871,000 MT set last October. Canola oil production, at 379,300 MT, [...]

Corn acreage could increase next year if the trade dispute continues

Tariffs between the U.S. and China have caused soybean prices to fall relative to corn prices. This depreciation brought down the U.S. soybean-corn ratio, which is currently at levels not seen since 2012. If the trade dispute is not resolved by the time farmers [...]