Pain as India’s monsoon drags its feet

On the heels of deficient pre-monsoon rains for India, an already delayed monsoon may have been further slowed and weakened by the now-dissipated Cyclone Vayu. As of most recent reporting by the India Meteorological Department (colloquially, “Met”), the monsoon has reached less than 15 [...]

Brazil’s sugarcane contest: Sugar or ethanol

“Buy land: they’re not making it anymore.” The question of guns vs. butter is more theoretical than literal these days, but many countries face a more immediate dilemma: food vs. fuel. Should limited arable land be dedicated preferentially to food production, or should more [...]

Leaving droughts behind, rebound for Thai sugar production

After two years of severe drought, Thailand’s sugar production could rebound by more than 14 percent in 2017/18 to a three-year high. The newest official forecast stands at 108.5 MMT of cane, which could yield an estimated 11.5 MMT of sugar. This is up [...]