Weather continues to support bullish trend in Oceania dairy prices

Results from Mar. 5 GDT auction showed continued resilience for the bullish trajectory of prices out of New Zealand. Across dairy ingredients, prices were up on average 3.3 percent, with particular strength in fat-containing products. Two core export commodities of Fonterra, anhydrous milkfat and whole [...]

California winemakers expect 2018 to be excellent vintage

California grape growers continue to harvest wine and table grapes; picking will last into next month. Raisin grape harvest is complete, and fruit is being sun dried. Vineyards this season benefited from good rain volume in February, and bloom lasted longer than usual due [...]

Heatwave hits Mexico citrus, row crops

Multiple states in Mexico have seen some of the highest temperatures in decades in recent months. The Ag Ministry has stated that oranges may have been among the most affected crops, as the heat has stressed trees and reduced harvest volumes. Official figures for [...]

California water watch: Pineapple express not a cure-all?

The Pineapple Express, the atmospheric river that freights moisture from the Pacific to the West Coast, has brought recent rainstorms that have helped bolster California water supplies. The threat of a resumption of multiyear droughts still weighs on the state, and the data remain [...]

While no one is paying attention, the U.S. plains are turning unusually dry

As everyone’s focus is on South America, the U.S. plains seem to be getting drier by the day, a phenomenon that could carry on into the spring. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 55 percent of the country is drier than normal compared to [...]

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