Dollar consolidates after correcting off multiyear highs

In the second half of March, the U.S. dollar index spiked to its highest levels since late 2002. The index corrected lower in a six-session slide, finding support near its 20-day moving average. Despite some contrarian views, the dollar clearly remains the world’s preferred [...]

Trade & the wider picture for commodity futures

With trade uncertainties mounting, benchmark grain futures have lost ground this month: August soybeans down nearly 15 percent, September wheat down more than 6 percent, and September corn down just shy of 10 percent. Unsurprisingly, soft commodities overall have trended lower. Crude oil, however, [...]

Looking for a biofuels compromise

The biofuels debate has intensified once again, presenting the current administration with a complex challenge as it seeks to reform the controversial Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Two main constituencies are butting heads: On the one hand, oil companies complain that the cost of blending [...]

Keep an eye on crude oil’s impact on freight costs

You may remember when freight rail costs went crazy back in 2014 due to the sharp increase in domestic U.S. crude oil production. As we reported back then: “U.S. crude oil production has surged since 2012, when fracking and other new drilling technologies opened [...]