Wheat futures market inverts post-WASDE release

On Thursday, Jul. 11, Jul-19 wheat futures rose 4.8 percent to a six-week high of $5.36 following the June WASDE release. This price is higher than both the Sep-19 and Dec-19 futures contracts, at $5.21 and $5.32, respectively. Jul-19 contract prices rose in reaction [...]

Strong corn demand continues as massive crop gets harvested

Lower corn prices continue attracting demand, with exports starting the year on a strong note. Demand from the other major use sectors also remains higher than prior years. However, the crop harvest should help pressure prices even in the face of this robust demand. [...]

Corn acreage could increase next year if the trade dispute continues

Tariffs between the U.S. and China have caused soybean prices to fall relative to corn prices. This depreciation brought down the U.S. soybean-corn ratio, which is currently at levels not seen since 2012. If the trade dispute is not resolved by the time farmers [...]