Weather may limit South American corn production

As of Jan. 23, the Argentine corn crop was 94.7 percent planted, up 3.8 points from the prior week and up 2 points YOY. Yield expectations for the current crop are about the same as last year’s, per Bolas de Cereales. For early corn, [...]

Benchmark OJ consolidates near 95.00

After breaking below retracement support above 98.00, Mar-20 OJ is finding additional short-term support around 94.95. The contract closed Thursday down by nearly 9 percent from its recent high a month prior, pressured by weather and crop updates for the U.S. and Brazil and [...]

A new milestone in sugarcane research

Led by Brazilian researchers, an international project has found sweet success in its efforts to assemble the most complete map of commercial sugarcane’s extensive genome. Their research offers genetic engineers a foundation to alter sugarcane for optimum production needs. Glaucia Mendes Souza, lead author [...]

Brazil cane crush & sugar output surpass last season’s pace

Brazil’s center-south sugar campaign continues to gain on last season’s pace, with cane crush through mid-October up 5.0 percent YOY. Through September, tonnage was up 4.6 percent YOY at 79.84 MT of cane per hectare. Per recent reports, fewer rains have supported the harvest [...]

Brazil center-south sugar output down 5 percent

Cumulative sugar production at 20.01 MMT: From April through mid-September, center-south (CS) output is down 4.9 percent YOY and down 14.2 percent from the five-year average. Cumulative recovery is down 6.1 percent YOY at 45.7 kg of sugar per MT of cane. Per UNICA, [...]

WASDE: Corn, soybean yields, & production lower

USDA estimates 2019/20 U.S. corn harvested acreage at 82.0 million acres, unchanged from the August WASDE report. The corn yield estimate is 168.2 bushels per acre (bpa), down 1.3 bpa from August. Accordingly, corn production is forecast at 13.799 billion bushels, down 102 million [...]