Brazil center-south sugar output down 38.3 percent in second half of December

Center-south cane crush was down 5.7 percent, and ethanol manufacturing was up 7.7 percent. For the season to date, April through December, sugar output is down 26.5 percent at 26.3 MMT due to both a drop in cane crush of 3.6 percent YTD and [...]

Tracking lower sugar production & sugar share of cane use in Brazil

In the first half of December, cane crush in Brazil’s center-south was up 21.9 percent YOY. With the sugar share—the percentage of sugarcane crushed for sugar rather than for ethanol manufacturing—for that period at just 28 percent, sugar production was only 418,000 metric tons [...]

Update on Brazil’s center-south cane campaign

As anyone following world sugar this season is now amply aware, Brazil’s cane mills are heavily favoring the manufacture of ethanol over sugar this season. In the first half of November, the ethanol share of cane crush was 66 percent, up from nearly 58 [...]

Brazil’s sugarcane contest: Sugar or ethanol

“Buy land: they’re not making it anymore.” The question of guns vs. butter is more theoretical than literal these days, but many countries face a more immediate dilemma: food vs. fuel. Should limited arable land be dedicated preferentially to food production, or should more [...]

Brazil cane crush hit by transportation strike?

UNICA estimates that the center-south campaign lost the equivalent of 4.5 days of crush due to last month’s trucker strike. Though harvest weather was favorable and cane quality reported as high, road closures prevented the delivery of fuel and other inputs. A recent UNICA [...]

Brazil ends 2017/18 center-south campaign

Brazil’s center-south crush reached 596.3 million metric tons (MMT) of cane from April 2017 through March 2018, down by nearly 2 percent from crush for its 2016/17 campaign. Usage of that cane for sugar manufacturing was slightly higher in the last season, 46.5 percent [...]