Official figures for Ivory Coast cocoa bean arrivals through November

Per the Coffee and Cocoa Counsel (CCC), arrivals for the 2018/19 main crop in October and November totaled more than 725,800 MT of beans, a figure well above trade estimates for that period. The volume of arrivals at major Ivorian ports for those two [...]

Amid mixed industry news, Ivory Coast cocoa bean arrivals still strong

For the first two months of the 2018/19 season, arrivals of main-crop cocoa beans have been reported well above last year’s levels. Total arrivals in October and November are estimated to have surpassed 675 million metric tons (MMT) of beans. Depending on whose estimates [...]

Strong early Ivory Coast arrivals reported for the 2018/19 main crop

Cumulative cocoa bean arrivals at the major Ivorian ports of San Pedro and Abidjan were estimated to total 327,000 MT as of Nov. 4, reports Reuters. Arrivals to date are thus up almost 46 percent from cumulative arrivals for the same period last season, [...]

Tracking cocoa processing for major West African origins

Never shying from ambitious goals, Ghana has in the past stated that it hopes to process half of its beans domestically, providing employment and leading to an overall enhancement of sustainability by capturing value-added margins. In theory, Ghana has the processing capacity to do [...]

Cocoa prices & politics in Ghana & Ivory Coast

While a sober review of the facts—paramount among these the weakness observed for cocoa futures—would conceivably support Ghana’s move to leave the cocoa farmgate price for the 2018/19 main crop unchanged from last season, grandstanding and political posturing on the decision is currently ubiquitous. [...]

Ghana & Ivory Coast cooperate to fight cocoa disease

In response to the spread of swollen shoot disease (CSSVD), over half a million hectares of trees could be cleared in Ghana; another 100,000 hectares would be cleared in Ivory Coast, at least initially. The African Development bank (AfDB) is reportedly still willing to [...]

Rains bolster cocoa outlook for Ivory Coast & Ghana

For top-producers Ivory Coast and Ghana, heavier precipitation across cocoa growing regions reported in the last week should help pod setting and growth. Of course, if rains are too heavy, there could be a risk of damage to flowers and pods that would otherwise [...]

Ivory Coast & Ghana: Nascent cocoa cartel?

As chocolate users know, one key fact makes the cocoa market particularly volatile: Over 70 percent of the world’s cocoa is grown in a single region of the world, West Africa. And with the decline of production in Indonesia, some 60 percent of all [...]