Apple juice imports rose ahead of tariff

The 2018/19 marketing year started on a good note for apple juice imports. The U.S. took in 48.9 million single-strength-equivalent (SSE) gallons, up 74 percent from July and up 7 percent from August 2017. Apple juice imports had declined for most of 2017/18 in [...]

India sugar subsidies & policies find controversy, criticism

With Brazil crushing most of its cane for ethanol this season, India is slated to be the world’s top sugar producer for the 2018/19 season. And with a lack of fresh fundamentals of any significance, news from India can move the world sugar market, [...]

Brazilian farmers rush to plant soybeans

As China buys virtually all Brazil’s soybeans, farmers are rushing to plant the 2018/19 crop. Planting pace is ahead of usual at 29 percent planted as of Oct. 1, compared to 16 percent a year prior. A crop planted earlier is usually harvested earlier, [...]

Cocoa prices & politics in Ghana & Ivory Coast

While a sober review of the facts—paramount among these the weakness observed for cocoa futures—would conceivably support Ghana’s move to leave the cocoa farmgate price for the 2018/19 main crop unchanged from last season, grandstanding and political posturing on the decision is currently ubiquitous. [...]

U.S. imports of Mexican sugar: 2017/18 through August, looking ahead at 2018/19

This season, the pattern of shipments of Mexican sugar to the U.S. has been atypical, greatly influenced by the newest iteration of import rules under the Suspended Agreements. From October through August, cumulative imports of Mexico sugar reached an estimated 1.084 MMT, raw value, [...]

Corn acreage could increase next year if the trade dispute continues

Tariffs between the U.S. and China have caused soybean prices to fall relative to corn prices. This depreciation brought down the U.S. soybean-corn ratio, which is currently at levels not seen since 2012. If the trade dispute is not resolved by the time farmers [...]

First decline for world food prices in 2018

FAO reported that its Food Price Index fell 2.4 points in June, the first dip since the start of 2018, attributed largely to growing trade conflicts. With both corn and wheat weaker, the Cereal Index fell 6.4 points in June. The Vegetable Oil Index [...]