U.S.’s January OJ imports up 23 percent YOY

The U.S. imported 56.5 million single-strength-equivalent (SSE) gallons of OJ in January, 30 percent as NFC juice. Brazil provided just over half of all OJ imports and 80 percent of NFC. Mexico was the source of nearly all the remaining orange juice volume, including [...]

Vanilla market update—brewers unafraid of high prices?

After vanilla saw its astonishing price hike, even premium ice cream makers and head chefs at top-end restaurants admit to thinking twice about their use of vanilla in recipes. Chefs will use less paste now, little extract, and beans only sparingly or not at [...]

Will developing El Niño dampen hurricane season?

A team of experts from Colorado State University announced its first forecast for the 2019 hurricane season that will run from June 1 through November 30. In a normal season there would be 12 tropical storms with six reaching hurricane level intensity. For 2019, [...]

California grape juice concentrate production rose 11 percent in 2018

California grape processors crushed 450,000 tons of 2018/19 fruit to produce grape juice concentrate, up from just over 400,000 tons the previous season. Total crush of all the state’s grape varieties, at 4.5 million tons, was up 6 percent year over year; crush of [...]

Will meat alternatives lose to EU label literalism?

Just a few days after Nestlé announced the launch of plant-based Incredible Burger—under its Garden Gourmet brand—the European Parliament’s ag committee voted to block meat alternatives from using words like “steak,” “sausage,” “burger,” hamburger,” etc. The full parliament will vote on the ban after [...]

Macro environment’s impact on commodity prices

Commodity analysts spend a lot of time poring over and discussing fundamental drivers of market shifts, but external factors, like macroeconomic shifts, can magnify or dampen the influence of core supply and demand fundamentals on commodity prices. U.S. and global economic dynamics have been [...]