Protein & ethanol sourced from the air we breathe

Can carbon compounds harvested from the air itself be used to manufacture protein and ethanol? Some companies are claiming that such carbon-based products are an environmentally sustainable and economically viable solution to growing consumer needs. Amino-acid proteins can be created via a fermentation process [...]

Hemp-based CBD oil is a lucrative ingredient & more

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in the flowers and leaves of industrial hemp plants that can be extracted and then refined into edible or topical oils. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), derived from cannabis, CBD has no psychoactive effects—in other words, CBD will not get a [...]

U.S. potato starch imports start strong in 2019

After importing a record 116,016 MT of potato starch in 2018, the U.S. imported over 14,500 MT in January of this year, up 37 percent from January 2018. Shipments dropped off sharply in February, but the trend higher seems likely to continue in 2019. [...]

Vanilla market update—brewers unafraid of high prices?

After vanilla saw its astonishing price hike, even premium ice cream makers and head chefs at top-end restaurants admit to thinking twice about their use of vanilla in recipes. Chefs will use less paste now, little extract, and beans only sparingly or not at [...]

Ingredient market study: The GMO-Free Gamble

Consumers across the world are indisputably paying more attention to genetically modified ingredients. A recent global survey put the topic of GMOs among the top five consumer concerns about their food supply. However, despite most consumers theoretically preferring GMO-free food, not every consumer is [...]

Will Madagascar’s new vanilla crop pressure prices in Q4 2018?

Given vanilla’s economic importance, the Malagasy government has made moves to manage the vanilla market and foster crop production and quality. For example, the deadline for export selling of the old crop was extended by one month to encourage the selling of older beans, [...]

Vanilla supply uncertainty grows

Questions over the recovery in vanilla production in Madagascar, the world’s top grower, are helping support the elevated pricing of recent years. After dipping closer to US$550 per kg of vanilla beans at the end of last year, pricing is now reported back above [...]