Record California almond production in the works

For the second year in a row, California almond growers are expected to set a production record. Currently, there are nearly 1.2 million bearing almond acres in California, with yield expected to be 2,140 pounds per acre. Together, these factors lead USDA to estimate [...]

Nutmeat exports doing all right despite trade tension

U.S. almond and walnut exports moved briskly during Q4 2018. Almond exports totaled 498.5 million pounds (shelled and in-shell basis), which was down less than 1 percent from Q4 2017’s record volume and was 26 percent higher than the five-year average for Q4. The [...]

Trade dispute hits walnut exports

Two months into the 2018/19 marketing year, walnut exports were down 22 percent from Sep-Oct 2017/18. Last season, the U.S. shipped 3.0 million pounds of in-shell nuts and 408,500 pounds of shelled nuts to China during Sep-Oct; this year, in-shell shipments to China were [...]

Almond shipments down 10 percent

Aug-Sep 2018/19 domestic almond shipments, at 117 million pounds, were just shy of last season’s record volume for the first two months of the marketing year, but export shipments of 206 million pounds began 2018/19 down 15 percent year over year. Shipments to China [...]

2018/19 walnut production expected to set record

USDA is projecting 2018/19 California walnut production at 690,000 tons, up 10 percent from 2017/18 and, if realized, just beating the previous record set in 2016/17. Acreage in 2018/19 is estimated at 350,000 bearing acres, with 75.5 trees per acre—the largest and densest acreage [...]

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Almond shipments up 10 percent this season

Domestic almond utilization totaled 612.5 million pounds for Aug-May 2017/18, 11 percent higher than last season to date, and cumulative season exports were 1.34 billion pounds, up 10 percent year over year. Domestic shipments ranged from 2 to 9 million pounds higher per month [...]