Hog population up 5 percent from a year ago

As of Jun. 1, the U.S. hog and pig inventory numbered 79.6 million head, up 5 percent from June 2019 and up 3 percent from March 2020, stronger Q1-to-Q2 growth than usual. Q2 numbers may reflect pre-COVID-19 production assumptions, however, and year-over-year growth in [...]

FAO’s Food Price Index at 17-month lows

FAO reports that its Food Price Index (FPI) fell in May for the fourth consecutive month, bringing the Index to its lowest level since December 2018, a 17-month low. Adjusted for inflation, May’s FPI fell 2 percent from April and was down 6 percent [...]

Lower meat supply boosts sales of plant-based alternatives

Retail meat supplies are limited as both hog and cattle slaughter are down roughly 40 percent YOY, and consumers are buying excess meat to freeze for a later date, per Supermarket News. Various grocery store chains, including Costco and Kroger’s, have begun to limit [...]

One-two punch leaves dairy down for the count

Apr. 21 saw two bits of fresh news that left no doubt of continued pain for the dairy sector, with Fonterra’s GDT auction results down 4.2 percent followed by USDA’s milk production report showing continued growth in milk production in a market already woefully [...]

A domino effect: Meatpacking plant closures

Following multiple U.S. meatpacking plant closures, livestock producers are quickly reducing herds to limit profit losses. With such a quick drop in demand, many producers have nowhere to sell their ready-for-market hogs or cattle. Some pork producers have found it most cost-effective to slaughter [...]

COVID-19 hits U.S. meat & dairy sectors

The nation’s massive effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus has led to a precipitous drop in consumption in the food service, restaurant, and hotel sectors while boosting at-home consumption, all of which is disrupting traditional market channels. As people adjust to stay-at-home [...]

U.S. dairy herd on the mend

Last week’s USDA Milk Production report showed January output (24 major states) up 1.2 percent compared to January last year. December production was revised and is now up 1.3 percent from December 2018. In total, 2019 milk production was up 0.4 percent YOY on [...]

Dairy prices retreat as coronavirus spreads

As confirmed coronavirus cases and fatalities mount—mostly but not solely within mainland China—dairy prices eased in the most recent Global Dairy Trade auction falling by nearly 5 percent. Travel restrictions and reduced growth forecasts as a result of the virus are curbing future demand [...]

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