Blueberry harvest to start soon

This year’s cultivated blueberry crop is expected to be average to above average. Unlike the tart cherry crop that was hit hard due to an early freeze, the blueberry crop was not impacted. Harvest should start in the next few weeks, and overall production [...]

Sharp decline in tart cherry crop

There is considerable concern about the size of the tart cherry crop this year. Frost conditions during spring may have had a big impact on the development of this year’s crop. USDA is forecasting 2020 tart cherry production at 197 million raw pounds, down [...]

April AJC imports near 46 million SSE gallons

The U.S. imported 45.8 million single-strength-equivalent gallons of apple juice during April, up 41 percent from March and up 12 percent from a year ago. Importers may have playing catchup after business with China declined sharply during China’s COVID shutdown: 65 percent of apple [...]

Atlantic to see more major tropical storms & hurricanes in 2020

NOAA is predicting an atypically active Atlantic hurricane season this year, with a 60 percent chance of an above-normal season from June 1 through November 30. The forecast calls for between 13 and 19 named storms and from three to six major hurricanes. One [...]

Florida Valencia estimate still at 40.0 million boxes

Last week, USDA trimmed Florida early-midseason orange production by 350,000 90-lb boxes but held projected Valencia production at 40.0 million boxes. As of May 3, growers had harvested nearly 30.9 million boxes of Florida Valencias, or 77 percent of the forecast. Harvest pace tends [...]

Florida Valencia production lowered 1.0 million boxes

Last week, USDA adjusted Florida Valencia orange production to reflect higher drop rate and smaller fruit size. The state’s total 2019/20 orange production is now estimated at 70 million 90-lb boxes, down 1.0 million from the March forecast and down 3 percent from 2018/19. [...]

Valencia harvest at 3.2 million boxes per week

Florida orange growers harvested 3.2 million boxes of Valencia oranges during the week ending Mar. 22, about the same volume as the previous week. Weather has been warmer than average and dry. Processing pace appears to be about a week ahead of last season, [...]

Florida orange production lowered 1.0 million boxes

This week, USDA lowered Florida’s early-midseason orange production by 1.0 million 90-lb boxes, to 30.0 million. Valencia orange production was left at 41.0 million boxes. March’s early-mid forecast is down 2.0 million boxes from the initial projection in October. Since then, drop rate crept [...]

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