Could the U.S. ban Ivory Coast cocoa?

In late October, U.S. Customs and Border Protection visited Ivory Coast to review allegations of child labor in cocoa cultivation. The investigation follows a request from two Democrat senators in July; the legislators contend that a 2015 amendment to the Customs and Border Patrol [...]

Q3 grind releases show mixed results for cocoa

Halfway through October, Q3 grind results are hitting the cocoa market. To an extent, we are seeing a continuation of the previous quarter’s trend that saw rapid expansion of processing across Asia and a slowdown for Western Europe and America. Preceding the regional reports, [...]

Can Ivory Coast & Ghana limit their cocoa output?

Ivory Coast raised its farmgate price 10 percent, while Ghana raised its farmgate price 8.4 percent. The market can read the announcements as a signal that the two countries are serious about coordination and cooperation. The question is whether they will have the resolve [...]

Specs selling cocoa, going short—time to buy?

Cocoa futures have remained under pressure most of August as speculators fully liquidated their entire net long position and swung net short in CFTC commitments of traders reports these past two weeks. Specs may now be attempting to accumulate a short position and push [...]

Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon cocoa update

Ivory Coast arrivals reach 2.12 MMT: Arrivals through Jul. 31 reached 2.12 MMT, up 9.6 percent YOY, per CCC data. Ivorian grind totaled 455,131 MT, up 8.0 percent YOY, per GEPEX data reported by Reuters. Ghana production down from forecast: As previously reported based [...]

Cocoa breaks down to some key technical support levels

A day after the Federal Reserve cut a quarter of a point in reaction to weaker economic signs, cocoa prices continued to sag. Prices ended the last day of July hovering just above two key technical levels of support: the 200-day moving average ($2,344) [...]