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Commercial Intelligence

Our distinct strength in the marketing of sweeteners has been a hallmark of McKeany-Flavell since 1948. Today, our daily, transactional involvement in a wide variety of commodities allows us a perspective few independent companies can match.

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Market Education

Our experts have more than two hundred years of collective experience in the food and beverage industry. Use us! Tapping into our expertise through our suite of educational programs and seminars helps you make informed decisions, saving you time and money.

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Information Services

Our Information Services team helps clients understand commodity and ingredient market dynamics, using our extensive database of intelligence to answer queries about supply, pricing, and more. Our analysts also take on directed research projects.

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Recorded Friday, September 12, 2019


U.S. Corn Wet Milling Study: 2019 Edition

All industrial buyers and consumers of corn-derived products, as well as investors in that field, should understand the corn wet milling process, product portfolio, pricing, and industry growth potential. This study covers the current state of the U.S corn wet milling industry, analyzing major industry players, their capabilities, and the supply and demand for wet milling products. With this information, buyers, investors, and analysts will have a sound basis for informed decision-making that incorporates industry pricing strategies, the impact of grind diversification and input costs, profitability comparisons, and more.

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Additional Studies & Reports

  • U.S. Corn Milling

  • World Corn Milling & Milling Products

  • U.S. Sugar & Corn Sweeteners

  • Regional and World Sugar & Corn Sweeteners

  • Alternative Sweeteners & Other Ingredients

  • Edible Oils & Other Reports

McKeany-Flavell: What We do

McKeany-Flavell offers commodity market expertise in sugar, corn sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate, fruit and fruit concentrates, edible oils, nutmeats, molasses, and other ingredients. Our valued commercial intelligence helps our clients position themselves confidently in these markets for a sustainable competitive advantage.

After more than six decades in the food and beverage industry, we know the players and the game. Our market intelligence—in the form of consultation, reports, and presentations—gives our clients the edge in forecasting market direction and ingredient trends and pricing. And if you’re venturing into new territory or hiring new staff, our targeted market education seminars are second to none.

All our experience and effort come together into one vision and goal: to provide the premier counsel to the food and beverage industries in their selling or purchasing of commodity ingredients.

Our Services

As a stand-alone management service, or as part of our ingredient sales efforts, we offer assistance to the key areas of your operations: sales administration support, order processing, shipping, and contract maintenance. Our Customer Service team acts as a liaison between customers and principals, ensuring efficient operations for our clients.

  • Handling all functions from order placement to delivery of product.
  • Expediting orders, including swift problem resolution.
  • On demand, up-to-the-minute sales information on contract balances, order status, and usage reports.
  • Customer production forecasting for suppliers, so customers get what they want, when they need it.

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Our Information Service team takes on directed research projects, assembling our intelligence offerings for a wide variety of uses. We publish regular Commodity Newsletters covering supply and demand fundamentals, news alerts on events that shape the markets, and resource guides to give you a complete picture of the industries we monitor.

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Working with PRICE Futures Group, McKeany-Flavell brings together its commercial intelligence and market expertise with two veteran companies in the commodity and ingredient hedging arenas. Offering a complete suite of services in the form of education (such as our Hedging 101 seminar), risk management strategy development, futures and options transactions, and practical tools for portfolio monitoring and transparency, we are a one-stop shop for all of your company’s hedging and risk management needs.

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Business Associates

McKeany-Flavell works closely with suppliers and clients in the food and beverage industry to help navigate all ingredient purchasing decisions.
Below are just a few of the ingredient suppliers associated with our firm.